Common Questions

How should I prepare for my pet's appointment?
An annual & semiannual exams are a standard procedure that we conduct but it is up to you to keep watch and make notes about your pet’s health and behavior.  Our comprehensive full body examination of your pet will help ensure optimal health.  Please inform us of anything that you notice or any questions that you may have.

Litter Box Tip Sheet:

  • Unscented, scoopable sand-like litters are preferred by most cats.
  • Provide one more litter box than you have cats if you are having litter box issues.  
  • Litter boxes should be large enough for cats to turn around in comfortably.
  • Place approximately 4 inches of litter in the box.
  • Litter boxes should be scooped at least twice daily.
  • Litter boxes should be placed in a quite area that affords some privacy.
  • Older or physically challenged cats should have litter boxes with a low entry for easy access and high sides to prevent eliminating outside the box in the event they have difficulty positioning themselves.